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At DIY Xpanda, we offer security products carefully selected by industry professionals with 25 years of experience. Each product is chosen based on our belief in its effectiveness—we only provide what works. We ensure the perfect combination of quality, affordability, convenience, and peace of mind.


    Our security industry experts ensure both durability and functionality.
  • EASY

    Adjustable to meet various size requirements and easy to install with basic tools for anyone.

    Pre-made and ready-to go anytime. Delivered within 3-10 days nationwide on average.

    Diverse products can achieve high level security
    against criminals to break into your properties.

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Why You Should Choose DIY Xpanda

DIY Xpanda is suitable for individuals seeking cost-effective security solutions, that are easy to install, strong, and reliable for Auckland & NZ homes and businesses.

  • Simple Installation: DIY products are designed for easy usage, eliminating the need for extensive consultation or professional knowledge during installation.
  • Ready-to-Use Solutions: Our pre-made and ready-to-ship products ensure that customers can quickly receive and implement their security solutions without delay.
  • Industry-Approved Quality: Our products are thoroughly vetted by industry experts from Xpanda, guaranteeing high-quality security solutions for your peace of mind.

Why You Should Choose Xpanda Security

Xpanda Security goes beyond pre-made sizes with custom security solutions.

  • Expert Design Consultation: We don't just sell products, our security specialists will assess your property and discuss your needs to design a custom security solution.
  • Precision Manufacturing: All Xpanda Security products are custom-made to ensure a perfect fit for your doorways, windows, or any other area you want to secure.
  • Professional Installation: Our qualified technicians will handle the installation process, ensuring everything is fitted correctly and securely.

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If you're having trouble finding what you're looking for, our business affiliate Xpanda Security may be able to help!

Xpanda Security specializes in creating custom-made and professional physical security products and offers a free security assessment with industry-leading insights.